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NIR Based Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement


  • Department of Embedded Technology, School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu - 632014, India
  • Department of Embedded Technology, School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University,Vellore, Tamil Nadu - 632014, India


Objectives: This paper describes the method of measurement of glucose concentration in the human blood non-invasively using the near infrared optical technique. Methods/Analysis: In recent medical practice, the concentration of glucose in blood is measured using an invasive techniques which generally involves puncturing finger. In generic few ml of blood whereas in recent practice less than a drop of blood is taken out and passed through the standard chemical tests to measure glucose concentration. These methods are expensive as well as painful. The frequent finger puncturing causes calluses on the skin and also increases the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Findings: So, the development of a non-invasive blood glucose measurement system will be boon to the diabetic patients. This paper describes the method of blood sugar measurement in the human blood non-invasively using the painless near infrared based optical technique. The designed system consists of LED emitting signals of 940 nm wavelength. These optical signals are sent through the fingertip and reflected signals are detected by phototransistor placed beside the LED. The glucose concentration in the blood is determined by analyzing the variation in the intensity of received signal obtained after reflection. The results obtained from the designed system shows the feasibility of using NIR based non-invasive method for the measurement of blood glucose. Applications/Improvements: The described system is majorly useful for diabetic patients. The measurement accuracy of the proposed system can be improved by incorporating it with noise filtering techniques.


Blood Glucose, Diabetes, Near Infrared, Non-Invasive.

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