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A Real Time Image Processing Based System to Scaring the Birds from the Agricultural Field


  • Department of ECE, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai - 638052, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: This paper discusses about the development of hardware system which can be used to chase the birds from the farm by using an embedded technology. Methods: The system is able to detect and track the pest birds from the real time video frame using Kalman filter. The Kalman filter is a predictive filter, that dependent on space techniques and recursive algorithms using image processing tools in Matlab environment. The various states of operation of a dynamic system are estimated using this algorithm. Applications/Improvements: The proposed system has been simulated in Matlab. It can be extended to a complete the bird frightening system by incorporating the video processing algorithm with hardware such as camera, linux based embedded board and ultrasound generator. The video obtained from the camera is processed using the ARM7 Raspberry Pi board based on linux OS. This system detects the birds from the video and a high frequency ultrasound is generated and directed towards the pest birds to drive them away from the farm.


Kalman Filter, Linux Based Embedded Board, Ultrasound Generator.

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