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Group Data Verification for Enhancing the Storage Security in Cloud Computing


  • Faculty of Computing, Sathyabama University, Chennai - 600119, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: A privacy-preserving mechanism for public auditing of shared data in cloud storage has been proposed. This boosts up the effectiveness of the verification task which is meant for auditing multiple tasks. It also reduces the response time and auditing time and thereby improves data integrity. Methods/Analysis: A privacy preserving methodology has been proposed which sustains the social interaction and examination on the data which is being mutually shared across the cloud. In scrupulous, ring signatures have been utilized to enhance the verifiability of the computed metadata and to improve the accuracy of the group data analysis. The proposed system maintains the secrecy of the mutual data. The confidentiality of the specific user in the group is ensured by data filtering mechanism. This mechanism masks the user’s private data from being accessed publicly across the cloud. The proposed system also supports multi-group audits simultaneously. Findings: A distinct privacy preserving mechanism is rarely available in the cloud storage especially for shared data. Also the personal information should not be disturbed by public verifiers. The ring mechanism shares only the verified information instead of sharing the entire file. This improves the integrity of the confidential data. The mechanism boosts the potency of substantive multi-group analysis to support the entire data cluster. This improvises the real time cloud data distribution. The identity of the signer is traceable by the group owner. Novelty/Improvement: Only registered users can login to the cloud. This prevents the unauthorized access to the cloud. Data is secured during cloud upload. Other users in the group have no permission to modify the data. Except the signer other users have got read-only permission.


Auditing, Authenticators, Batch Auditing, Potency, Privacy, Shared Information.

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