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A Power Quality Survey on a 22 kV Electrical Distribution System of a Technical Institution as per Standards


  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amrita University, Coimbatore - 641112, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: Electrical power delivered to a load must be of sufficient quality to allow the load to function properly. Source side voltages and currents must be distortion free and of the proper magnitudes and frequencies. Critical equipment may undergo failure if quality power is not provided. So, the electrical voltages and currents flowing through our distribution system has to be monitored and analyzed to ensure quality power and thus proper working of the machineries in a technical institute. This paper presents a Power Quality Survey in a technical institute as per Standards. Methods: A Power Quality Survey has been conducted and the measured parameters are compared against Standards. Simulation study of the complete system is conducted using ETAP 12.5.0 software, so as to understand the existing load flow and harmonic profile. Findings: Current and voltage harmonics was found to be within the limits at PCC. Improvement: Harmonic profile of UPS-Academic block improved, when the old UPS was replaced with a modern numeric UPS.


Point of Common Coupling, Power Quality, Total Harmonic Current Distortion, Total Harmonic Voltage Distortion.

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