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The Effect of Nonlinear Loads on MMF Wave of a Synchronous Generator


  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan,, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Objectives: In this paper, the effect of harmonics made by nonlinear loads on some parameters of a synchronous generator such as Magneto Motive Force (MMF) will be analyzed. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The MMF equations are derived, for two cases of linear and nonlinear loads based on the winding function theory and analytical method. All spatial and time harmonic components in this derivation will be considered. Also, the space vector variations of this field with respect to time harmonics will be analyzed. Findings: Nonlinear loads with time harmonics injection in the synchronous generator can disturb the magnetic field and the output voltage. These harmonics have other important effects such as increasing the vibration and noise, thermal loading, reduction of efficiency, etc. Also it will be shown that the space vector of magnetic field can be used to introduce of effects of time harmonics of load in synchronous generator. Application/Improvements: This paper can be used to reach the harmonic models of synchronous generator.


MMF, Nonlinear Load, Synchronous Generator, Space Vector, Winding Function

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