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Reenacting of Phylogenetic Tree for Cyclooxygenase DNA Sequences by using MUSCLE


  • C. S. E Department, S. V. University College of Engineering, S. V. University, Tirupati - 517502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Background/Objectives: Multiple Sequence alignment based on Log Expectation (MUSCLE) is a new approach for multiple sequence alignments of DNA or Protein sequences. The MUSCLE shows the high accuracy than the Clustal W and MAFFT and T-Coffee approaches. Based on MUSCLE approach, we aim to construct the Phylogenetic tree for Cyclooxygenase sequences. Method/Statistical Analysis: In MUSCLE there is a tree steps of process to find the accuracy of alignment i.e. are draft progressive, improved progressive and refinement. In each step it has the another sub steps to complete the alignment. Findings: MUSCLE is the faster algorithm than the ClustalW by adding the additional options for input sequences. It executes more sequences than the ClustalW and MAFFT. The MUSCLE displays the results with accuracy values of every input sequence. Application/Improvement: MUSCLE gives the Phylogenetic tree with very closeness of the sequences of input sequences alignment.


DNA, Hippocampus, MUSCLE, Phylogenetic Tree.

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