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A Novel Framework for Reducing Total Cost through Reporting Cell Optimization in Mobile Computing


  • PRIST University, Tanjavur, Tamilnadu, India
  • Pannai College of Engineering and Technology, Sivagangai - 630561, Tamilnadu, India


Objective: In this paper, we proposed a framework called "Reporting Cell based Scheme" where the reporting cell arrangement is a capable location management plan wherein couple of cells in the system as doled out as reporting cells, which assume the accountability of dealing with the location updating and paging methods in the system. Method/Analysis: The intention of dexterous exploitation of the inhibited accessible data transmission and to fabricate the limit of the network, repetition of re-use idea is established in cellular systems which encouraged in expanding the number of cells in the system. This prompted trouble in finding the position of a moveable client in the network and expansion in the signaling expense. In addition, Location management manages monitoring a dynamic movable terminal in a particular zone whereas decreasing the cost brought about in finding the movable terminal. The present position management is completed by congregating the phones in light of endorser density. The Location management measures depend on customer portability and impends the incoming call rate to a resourceful terminal, which recommends that the location management cost encloses of paging cost and location upgrade cost. Genetic Algorithm and Reporting Cell is used to reduce the total cost. Findings: By using the proposed framework, the requirement of enormous value is to decide an ideal reporting cell setup where the location management expense is decreased and accordingly it is keeping up an exchange off between area upgrade and paging cost. Applications/Improvements: The routing protocol can make of this framework in order to reduce the total cost. Genetic Algorithm is used in this framework to optimize the selection of reporting cell than the existing reporting cell methods.


Genetic Algorithm, History Based Scheme, Location Management, Paging Cost, Reporting Cell.

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