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Control Strategy for the Operation of Variable Speed Turbine with a Self Excited Induction Generator


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KL University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur District - 520002, Andhra Pradesh, India


Due to ever increasing energy demand, the non-conventional energy resources are given prominent importance. Energy from air current is considered to be one of the most prime resources for future. Current of air by nature be erratic; therefore the CACS needs a suitable battery storage structure as a reverse-up and doing, in-order to make certain continuous supply of supremacy to the consignment. This paper represents a CS for the procedure of patchy speed; complete turbine by means of a self excited induction generator (SEIG). Proposed hybrid system in this paper consists of a 4KW CACS and a capacitor bank for the purpose of self-excitation. The structure is designed to meet the requirements of a 3KW positionalone DC load. A suitable incriminates controller circuit for the battery storage system is developed through optimizing the utilization of current of air by using a suitable MPPT technique. The pitch control scheme is implemented to control the current air speed and also to make sure of mechanical safety of current air turbine. Both the control schemes are incorporated together for the efficient operation of CACS. The efficiency of the system it is tested with various current air profiles and verified in MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


Control Strategy, Current Air Conversion System (CACS), State of Charge, Terrain Control.

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