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Removal of Ammonia Nitrogen (NH4-N) from Landfill Leachate by Chemical Treatment


  • Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Warangal, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, India


Objectives: The paper studies the removal efficiency of Ammonia-nitrogen from leachate by a chemical method named “Struvite Precipitation” as the concentration of Nitrogen (major causes of eutrophication), is several times higher in leachate than in municipal wastewater. Sampling: The leachate composition and sampling was done for leachate derived from a dump type landfill named ‘Jawahar Nagar Dump Yard’, Hyderabad and was characterized as an old leachate with pH = 8.0. Methodology: The treatment process tested is a batch type lab-scale experiment for precipitation of ammonia nitrogen in the form of Magnesium-Ammonium-Phosphate (MAP). Results: With MAP (Struvite) precipitation at the optimal Mg:N:P ratio (1.2:1:1), 78% removal of inorganic nitrogen was achieved. Maximum Ammonium removal achieved is about 95% at pH of 9.0 with Mg:N:P molar ratio 1.5:1:1.5. Conclusions: Comparing the results for different Mg:N:P ratios, conclusions are drawn that it is possible to achieve effluent nitrogen requirements (50 mg N/l) by treatment of leachate with MAP precipitation. Detailed description is given in the article.


Ammonium Removal, Leachate, Molar Ratio, Magnesium-Ammonium-Phosphate, Struvite.

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