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Study of Effect of Hydrocarbon Contamination on Geotechnical Properties of Kaolnitic Clay and Expansive Soil through Linear Regression Analysis


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Indus University, Ahmedabad - 382115, Gujarat, India


Background: Hydrocarbon contamination is one of the perturbed issues of concern in the current scenario of tremendous development in petroleum sector all over the world. Intrusion of such contaminants results in altering the engineering properties of soil which lie in the vicinity of such effected zones. Many research works have been done to evaluate the extent of deterioration of soil properties due to such contaminants on various soil samples. Methodology: The present research work focuses not only on hydrocarbon-clay and hydrocarbon-expansive soil interaction mechanism and effect of hydrocarbon on Kaolinite Clay and black cotton soil which is expansive in nature through laboratory tests viz. specific gravity test, Atterberg's limit test, free swell index test as per IS Code:2720 part 3-1 (1980), part 5,6 (1985) and part 40 (1977) respectively on non-contaminated as well as contaminated soil samples but also the effect of rate of hydrocarbon contamination on both the soil types and generate a comparative plot for the both so as to evaluate the behavior of different soil on subjection with hydrocarbon contamination. Soil sample was prepared by adding water equal to liquid limit of the soil and hydrocarbon in 3%, 6% and 9% of the total mass of soil sample taken followed by performing each test. Findings and Conclusion: Co-relations are obtained for each property w.r.t. % of hydrocarbon contamination for both the soil types through LRA. Using coefficient of regression as a parameter (R2 values) the co-relations obtained are validated. The conclusions were drawn stating that there is a remarkable alternation of swelling and shrinkage characteristics of black cotton soil due to hydrocarbon contamination. The extent of deterioration of geotechnical properties in expansive soils is more distinct then that in clays. Applications/Improvements: With the use of LRA, the co-relations can be validated and comparison for the suitability of a particular soil type at such contaminated zone can be determined.


Hydrocarbon Contamination, Index and Engineering Properties, Linear Regression Analysis (LRA).

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