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Strengthening of Circular RC Column through External Confinement using Ferrocement


  • Civil Engineering Department, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi - 835215, Jharkhand, India


Objectives: The present study investigates the effect of confinement using ferrocement as wrapping material on the circular RC columns under concentric loading condition. Methods: Experimental studies were carried out on the confining effect using external confinement technique with one layer and two layers of GI wire mesh under concentrically loaded condition. All columns were tested by uniform concentric compressive load from top with a hydraulic compression testing machine of capacity 1000 KN. Findings: Most of the researches have done on confining effect of either long column or short column (slenderness ratio more than 3). This paper demonstrates the confining effect on short column having slenderness ratio is less than 3, such a column is called pedestal. Pedestal is a form of short column which is used as a base support for steel structure, statue or vase. To protect the column of steel structure from corrosion that is in direct contact of soil, pedestal is provided. During earthquake such a structure can collapse or even cracks can develop. Hence, ferrocement structures are highly ductile and energy dissipating material that can undergoes large deformations without collapsing during earthquakes. Even the deformed structures can be strengthened at very low cost after deformation. Steel jacketing has proved to be an effective measure for strengthening or retrofitting and has been widely used in practice, but the engineering community is currently looking for alternatives. Applications/Improvements: Material like ferrocement is oldest, cost effective method emerges an alternative solution for strengthening of reinforced concrete column. External confinement or encasing of column with ferrocement enhances the strength and ductility of concrete column.


Circular RC Column, Ferrocement Confinement, One Layer of GI Wire mesh, Pedestal, Strengthening, Two Layers of GI Wire Mesh.

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