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Strengthening of a RC Beam using Synthetic FRP Laminates


  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra - 835215, Ranchi, India


Objectives: The present research paper summarizes the study of use of synthetic polyester fiber for the strengthening of the reinforced concrete beams. Methods: In this experimental study, ten reinforced concrete beams were casted. They were externally strengthened with the help of synthetic polyester fiber using epoxy resin and hardener. The application of Polyester Fibre Reinforced Polymer sheets for strengthening of RC beams was done in u-wrap and bottom wrap. The effect of this on ultimate load carrying capacity and flexural strength was examined. Findings: The reinforced concrete beams were tested to failure using symmetrical two point concentrated static loading system. The results were found experimentally on load, deflection and failure types of each of the beams. The effect of various positions of wrapping of Polyester Fiber Reinforced Polymer on ultimate load carrying capacity was investigated. The results obtained showed increase in the ultimate load carrying capacity and flexural strength of the beams as compared with the control beam. The ultimate load obtained with polyester fibre reinforced beam was, however less compared to Carbon/Glass/Aramid as recorded in the literature. But the results obtained were encouraging and useful. Applications: Defects occur in reinforced concrete due to many factors like-age, corrosion of steel reinforcement, defective structural design etc. Fibre reinforced polymers can be successfully utilized for rehabilitation of these RC structures.


Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), Flexural Strength, Polyester Fiber, Strengthening of Beam, Ultimate Load.

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