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A New Class of Sequential Algorithm (SeQ) Codes for Optical CDMA Network


  • Advanced Communication Engineering, Center of Excellence – School of Computer and Communication Engineering,Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Kangar - 01000, Perlis, Malaysia


This paper focus on a new code for Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) system. The proposed code called Sequential Algorithm (SeQ) Code. The SeQ code has properties of minimizing Phase Induced Intensity Noise (PIIN), has the Multiple Access Interference (MAI) cancellation and ease in code construction. The results had shown, the SeQ code can accommodate 200 numbers of simultaneous users at permissible performance analysis BER10-9 compared to DCS, 190 users and MFH130 users, respectively.


BER, MAI, PIIN, Sequential Algorithm (SeQ) Code.

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