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Sine and Cosine Compensators for CIC Filter Suitable for Software Defined Radio


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering; BIT Mesra, Ranchi - 835215, Jharkhand, India


Background/Objective: Software Defined Radio (SDR) is regarded as one of the most important emerging technologies. The aim of SDR is to support different wireless standards in a single radio device. Methods/Analysis: Different wireless standard requires different sample rate for baseband processing. This can be achieved by Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) technique. Comb-Integrator-Comb (CIC) filter plays an important role in SRC. But single stage or multistage identical CIC filter cannot provide better passband and stopband characteristics. So, some compensation techniques are required to obtain better CIC filter response. Findings: This paper discusses about sine and cosine compensator. It compares the result of sine compensated and cos compensated CIC filter with uncompensated CIC filter. Application/Improvements: It also focuses on the cascade of both sine and cos compensator with CIC filter to get tradeoff between refinements of both passband and stopband characteristics.


CIC Filter, Cosine based Compensator, Multistage CIC Filter, Sine based Compensator, Sine-Cosine based Compensator.

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