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Design of Trapezoidal Cantilever Beam for HIV Virus Detection


  • Department of ICE, SRM University, Chennai – 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: The main objective is to design a piezoelectric cantilever MEMS sensor for effective detection of virus from a blood sample. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Cantilever beams are often used as biosensors in medical field because of their highly sensitive sensor platform and the ability to change its surface properties to detect a particular virus. The sensor is a trapezoidal cantilever beam with a piezoelectric material which detects the changes in the mechanical vibrations caused because of the virus absorbed on the free end of the beam. The trapezoidal cantilever is designed using COMSOL Multi physics software, where a pit is provided to trap the virus on the free end and piezoelectric material is placed at the fixed end to provide an electrical output proportional to the changes in the mass of the sample. Findings: The results show that the trapezoidal model can be preferred than the traditional rectangular model for detection of HIV virus since they are more sensitive to the mass of the sample provided at the tip. Application/Improvements: The design can be improved by varying the geometry of the cantilever beam and also by introducing cross section area across the beam to improvise the mass distribution and stiffness.


COMSOL, Cantilever, HIV, MEMS, Piezoelectric, Trapezoid

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