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Environment Monitoring System and Traffic Control Using Vehicular Network


  • School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Chennai - 600127, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This paper aims at providing a feasible solution for monitoring the environment as well as to control the traffic using vehicular network. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The MQ-2 gas sensor and the GPS Module are interfaced with the Raspberry Pi to facilitate the vehicular network. The well integrated module helps in making the routine life of getting into traffic avoidable. Findings: This work effectively gives a solution to control the traffic as well as to monitor the environmental pollution. It helps to reduce the pollution along with the traffic. This can be implemented on the vehicles to provide a better communication between the vehicles. Application/Improvement: This lead to the implementation of a network which works on the grounds of the vehicle communication and brings out a better throughput.


Artificially Intelligent, Automobile, GPS Module, MQ-2 Gas Sensor, Raspberry Pi¸ Traffic Congestion.

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