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Impact Behavior of Automotive Bumper Beam under Crashes


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, SRM University, Chennai - 603203,Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Mechatronics Engineering, SRM University, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Automobile Engineering, SRM University, Chennai - 603203,Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This work is an attempt to present commercially used designs and analyze it to compare the impact behavior of each design of bumper beams during head-on collisions Methods/Statistical Analysis: In order to avoid series of destructive test for a new vehicle to be performed the necessity of economical design using finite element is performed in this study. Parameters like materials, shape and thickness are considered for carrying out analysis with the help of Hypermesh 9.0 and LS-DYNA software Findings: The main criterion to be discussed is energy absorbing Behavior of bumper beams during headon collisions. Analysis is carried out upto 20 millisecond. Results for different Designs and for varying thickness are obtained and compared to study the impact Behavior of beams under study. Impact behavior of Bumper beam is analyzed based on energy absorption of the beam and the displacement condition. Maximum nodal displacement is obtained for different thickness and materials and plotted over the period of time Application/Improvements: Experimental setup has to be developed for the testing of the model under crashes and to be analysed at operating condition.


Impact, Collisions, FEA, Bumper Beam, Energy Absorption

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