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Experimental Investigation on Dissimilar Welding By GMAW


  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Techno India Banipur, Banipur – 743233, West Bengal, India
  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University, Kolkata - 700032, West Bengal, India


Objectives: Dissimilar welding is the joining between two different materials by any welding process. Dissimilar weld has made considerable attention in many fields, such as in ship industries and nuclear power plant. The welding investigators have always been in search for better quality of weldment. In present work, effect of current, gas flow rate and nozzle to plate distance on quality of weld has been studied through experiment and analyses. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Welding has been done as per Taguchi method. Three levels of the welding input process parameters have been selected. The observed data is analyzed by PCA methodology. Findings: The optimal factor setting becomes C1F3S3 (i.e. welding current = 100 A, Gas flow rate = 20 l/min and Nozzle to plate distance = 15 mm). Application/Improvements: The PCA method is employed to determine the optimal combination.


Dissimilar Welding, Mig welding, Optimization, PCA Method, Tensile test.

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