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Approximation of Floor Amplification Factors for Seismic Protection of Non-Structural Elements


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad - 500001, Telangana, India


Objectives: Countries with proficient seismic evaluation techniques have efficiently managed to minimize the losses due to failure of the structure, thereby protecting the lives and non-structural systems. In India, there is no provision for seismic protection of non-structural elements. The contents of the buildings, attachments/accessories attached on various floors of the buildings, services and utilities in the buildings fall under the category of non-structural elements. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: By using non-linear time history analysis on seven building models exposed to fifteen earthquake records, accelerations at each floor, for the case study models was found. The amplification factors, computed using the accelerations, were compared with IITK-GSDMA guidelines. Findings: From the results of time history analyses, it was concluded that the floor amplification factor suggested by IITK-GSDMA needs revision. Application/Improvements: The proposed formulae for the amplification factors can be used in lieu of the IITK-GSDMA formulae in order to achieve more representative results.


Floor Amplification Factors, Non-Structural Elements, Non-Linear Time History, Seismic Design, Towers.

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