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Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2017


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Hierarchical Grammatical Tagging for Tinai (Landscape) of Cankam Tamil Literature
Kingston Pal Thamburaj, Kartheges Ponniah
Total views: 166
Classification of Sex based Speech Differentiation in Healthy Human Beings based on Voiced and Unvoiced Components
Saurabh V Raut, Lavanya C Panthangi, B. G. Akhil, Syed Faisal Ali, H. S. Sanjay, S. Bhargavi
Total views: 38
Design of Secured and Intelligent Architecture for Security in Perceptual Layer of the Internet of Things
V. Kamalakannan, S. Tamilselvan
Total views: 156
A Robust Technique to Retrieve a Histopathological Images using GLCM Method
R. C. Shivamurthy, M. B. Manjunatha
Total views: 75
A Hybrid Gesture Recognition Method for American Sign Language
B. P. Pradeep Kumar, M. B. Manjunatha
Total views: 86
Performance Comparison of Paraunitary Analysis Filter Bank Based Spectrum Sensing Technique over Multipath Channels
Ch. V.M.S.N. Pavan Kumar, S. Tamilselvan
Total views: 20
Review on Cognitive Architectures
D. Ganesha, Vijayakumar Maragal Venkatamuni
Total views: 19
Efficient Field Programmable Gate Array Implementation for Moving Object Segmentation using BMFCM
Siva Nagi Reddy Kalli, Bhanu Murthy Bhaskara
Total views: 20
Modified PAPR Reduction Scheme by Integrating DCT and WPT with Partial Transmit Sequence
K. M. Gayathri, S. Bhargavi, N. Thangadurai
Total views: 31
Improving breakdown voltage in LDMOS with doped silicon pockets in buried oxide
H. D. Sunitha, N. Keshaveni, N. Keshaveni
Total views: 17
A Novel Strategy for Reduction of Distribution System Losses using UPFC
SK. Vinod Babu, B. Loveswara Rao
Total views: 22
Study on Optimization of Control Mechanism in Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Akshay Aggarwal, Durgesh Mishra, Vignesh Chandramaouli
Total views: 20
A Revolutionary Approach to Cloud Computing, Security and its User Compliance
M. R. Sudha, M. Sornam
Total views: 19
Determination of the Overshoot Scalar Control Systems with Transfer Zero and Binomial Law of Poles Distribution
Insur Zavdyatovich Ahmetzyanov, Dmitry Nikolayevich Dem’yanov
Total views: 11
Quadrature Formula Study for the Integral with Hilbert Kernel based on Trigonometric Interpolational Polynomial
Almaz Ferdinantovich Gilemzyanov, Anis Fuatovich Galimyanov, Chulpan Bakievna Minnegalieva
Total views: 12
Aquathermolysis of Bituminous Oil in Supercritical Water with Ultradispersed Particles of Magnetite and Coal
Sergey M. Petrov, Galina P. Kayukova, AlfiaI Lakhova, Zuhra R. Zakirova, NataliaYu. Bashkirtseva
Total views: 12
Destruction of Kerogen in the Presence of Pyrite and Cobalt-Based Catalyst
Yaroslav V Onishchenko, Sergey A. Sitnov, Anna G. Ivanova, Alexey V. Vakhin, Danis K. Nurgaliev
Total views: 13
Methods of Leak Search from Pipeline for Acoustic Signal Analysis
Emil Rinatovich Saifullin, Evgenia Vyacheslavovna Izmailova, Shamil Gayazovich Ziganshin
Total views: 13
“Mixer-Dresser” Hybrid Device
M. V. Sukhanova, V. A. Zabrodin, V. P. Bogdanovich, A. V. Sukhanov, Vitĕzslav Stýscala, Jiri Zegzulka, Lucie Jezerska, Jiri Rozbroj
Total views: 12
The Adsorption Capacity of Peat Humic Acids of the Middle OB Region
M. P. Sartakov, A. A. Novikov, N. V. Chukhareva, E. M. Osnitsky
Total views: 17
A Survey for Silicon on Chip Communication
K. Ashok Kumar, P. Dananjayan
Total views: 15
Primary user Emulation Attack Defense in Filter Bank based Cognitive Radio
P. V. Sabiq, D. Saraswady
Total views: 12
Wavelet-Collocation Method of Solving Singular Integral Equation
Liliya Emitovna Khairullina, Sergey Vladislavovich Makletsov
Total views: 11
Numerical Simulation of the Two-Phase Sloshing with Different Densities in A2D Rectangular Tank under Lateral Excitement
Asad Mirahky, Fereydoon Pavir, Mohamad Reza Ansari
Total views: 14
Information Technology of Concept Design of Biosensors
V. M. Zaripova, I. Yu. Petrova
Total views: 11
Psychophysical Response for Intensity Variation in Pure Tone Sound - Attention & Retention Assessment in Human Beings
H. S. Sanjay, S. Bhargavi, Syed Faisal Ali
Total views: 9
Language Models Creation for the Tatar Speech Recognition System
Aidar Failovich Khusainov
Total views: 7
Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Digital Base Band Processor for RFID Reader
Neelappa, N. G. Kurahatti
Total views: 10
A Novel Algorithm to Select a Seed Point Automatically In Breast Ultrasound Image
S. Michahial, B.A. Thomas, S. Kiran
Total views: 18
A Comparative Analysis for Video Watermarking Techniques
Garima Gupta, V. K. Gupta, Mahesh Chandra
Total views: 8
A Novel Generation of OFDM 4096-QAM Sequences with Reduced Peak to Average Power Ratio
Gopal Krishan, Amandeep Singh Sappal
Total views: 6
Theoretical Research of Laser-Controlled Thermocleavage of Sapphire Wafers
S. P. Malyukov, Yu. V. Klunnikova, A. V. Sayenko, T. H. Bui
Total views: 30
Design and Development of Hybrid Architecture Model Named Enhanced Mind Cognitive Architecture of pupils for Implementing the Learning Concepts in Society of Agents
D. Ganesha, Vijayakumar Maragal Venkatamuni
Total views: 10
Backend Tools for Speech Synthesis in Speech Processing
K. M. Shiva Prasad, G. N. Kodanda Ramaiah, M. B. Manjunatha
Total views: 5
Evolution of Coordinated control strategy for SVC and Fixed Capacitors for Reactive power control
M. Suneetha, R. Srinivasa Rao, B. Subramanyam
Total views: 9
Reinforcement Learning Algorithms: Survey and Classification
N. R. Ravishankar, M. V. Vijayakumar
Total views: 8
Numerical Investigation Baffle Position in Rectangular Tank to Reduce Sloshing Interface between Liquid and Gas Phase
Fereydoon Pavir, Asad Mirahky, Mohamad Reza Ansari
Total views: 15
The Determination of the Most Effective Current Type for Electrical Damage of Plants
Baev Viktor Ivanovich, Yudaev Igor Viktorovich
Total views: 12
Getting Bituminous Ploymeric Mastic for Sanitation Pavement
S.M. Petrov, A. Lakhova, D.A. Ibragimova, L.R. Baibekova
Total views: 11



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